Update Z-Wave Devices

Hi there,
Is it possible to update some z-wave devices from the openhab interface ? I have fibaro z-wave devices, an update is available for them but i don’t know how to update them.
Thanks in advance.

If you mean is it possible to update the firmware, then no. For starters Fibaro doesn’t release the firmware updates (unless this has changed recently) and requires them to be updated through their Homecentre.

If you use a Fibaro Home Center as secondary controller, you might be able to update the firmware.

Other may comment on that as well.

Ok, thanks.
So, do you think that put the z-wave stick on the fibaro home center (I have the fibaro home center 2) is possible ? And after, update the software of my devices.

No, I used the home center as the main controller and I’m migrating little by little to openhab but I saw that there was an update for a thermostatic valve so I was wondering that.