Updated directory structure for scripted automation

I’ve submitted an issue for OH 3.0 to rename the $OPENHAB_CONF/automation/jsr223/ directory and I am wondering if anyone from the community has some input. This will also be the first step in removing references to JSR 223.


I like removing the „jsr223“ level!

Maybe automation could be renamed to some more specific term, as all of openhab is about automation. As I prefer short names, when readability is not
at risk, I would prefer „lib“ instead of libraries, as it is shorter and the default name for such directories on Linux (and probably on all Unix systems).

If I remember correctly, there will be no DSL rules in openHAB 3, so I am wondering, if the „rules“ directory will still be needed or if „automation“ could and should be renamed to „rules“.

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