Updated to latest snapshot, new switch item showing state despite no [%s] in label

OK, so it’s be a couple of days.

I’m running openHAB 2.4.0 Build #1362.

I did all the stuff necessary to use all the new goodness in the updated zwave binding. As part of this process I created new Items to represent my deadbolts.

When I initially created these Switch Items I used something along the lines of “Front Door [%s]” as the label. Once I was sure everything worked I reworked it to show the state of the deadbolt in the icon instead of using the String. But no matter what I do the state of the Item continued to be displayed.

It was not until after a restart of OH that the Item state stopped being shown. This is just a heads up for anyone who encounters the same issue. I don’t have enough evidence yet to file an issue.