Updates to bticino binding to support gateway's passwords

Hi, I’ve updated the bticino binding to support numeric passwords for gateways that need it (like the touch panel H/L4684).
This can be easily configured in the service configuration by providing the parameter “passwd”
(i.e. webserver.passwd = 00000)
Currently there’s an on going pull request in the main repo, if anyone would like to try it with the touch panel and/or webservice (to make sure it doesn’t break existing setups) and let me know what you think.


Hi Andrea,

I tried it with myhomeserver1 but it gives an error due to the password format (alphanumeric).
I reported the issue on github:


Alphanumeric passwords (HMAC protocol) are now supported in the new OpenWebNet binding for OpenHAB 2.x that is under development.
See this thread:

Suggestion is to use the new binding if you have a BTicino gateway that uses alphanumeric password like MyHOMEServer1.