Updatig a widget when item not updating?

hi all,

I have a simple label-card


component: oh-label-card
  footer: =dayjs(items.WARP_LastUpdate.state).fromNow()
  item: WARP_LastUpdate
  title: Charger Last Update Time

And the footer has human readable time display to tell that a EV charger died or craped out.

So when the lastupdate date time stops updating the footer is not updating anymore, if I reload page it will update once on load, and thats it? Is there a way to make it update like every 10sec or so within the card itself ?

Or the only way is a rule that will put it into the text string and hold as the item?


It will require a rule of one form or another. See this thread for a brief explanation:

So, you’ll need a rule to update either a string item with your time string or some other item that causes a change in a key property as shown in that link.