Updating addons on the marketplace

I’ve gotten a few questions from users about addon updates on the Marketplace. Could someone with detailed information confirm that

  • there is no information to the user about an updated version of the addon is available (same path or updated path of the first link in the marketplace posting)
  • there is no auto-update mechanism available
  • the only way to update it is to either uninstall and reinstall (or manually via openhab-cli or adding the file to addons folder)

If the above statements are fairly correct, my questions are;

  • is there a feature request in some of the repos or a community post discussing this that I have not seen?
  • if not, are there any reasons why such functionality would be objected by someone (maintainers)?

When developing new bindings users might have issues or need support, and a frequent question from my side is to enable debug logging, collect logs and post. This is quite cumbersome for the users, and I would like to have an easier mechanism.

Would there be any objections to adding (somewhere) a button for the user that

  • enables debug logging for the binding
  • collect logs to a dedicated temp file
  • provide the user with download button to obtain the logs

Of course actual sharing of the logs would be a manual task.


I can speak as someone who did just a tiny work with community marketplace. Since it is based on forum software its capabilities are dictated by discourse functionality.

Its basic because it meant to be like that. It provided an alternative for eclipse marketplace.
Functionalities you ask about are possible to be made, the OH side is actually easier to implement as we have far less restrictions there. :wink:

Rule Templates have a similar set of concerns.

Unfortunately no but it would be incredibly useful if there were. The template for both bundles and rule templates has a change log that could be leveraged my MainUI/OH core to identify when a new version has been published.

Not that I’m aware of. I’m not certain I would want rule templates to automatically be updated, but it would be great if it were easier. Rule templates have the added snag that updating the template doesn’t update the rules that were created from the old template. Add-ons probably don’t have that extra complication (maybe if the Things need to be recreated?).

Or through MainUI. It depends on how the bundle was installed in the first place. If it’s from the marketplace it’s not wholly unreasonable to expect most users installed it through MainUI.

One other thing you’ve not mentioned is that the marketplace postings do support Maven style “supported version” tagging in the title. You can specify which version(s) of OH the add-on can run on and the entry for that will only appear on OH instances that are compatible. For example, I’ve Thing Status Reporting [3.2.0;3.4.9] which only appears on OH 3.2.0-3.4.9 versions of OH and a rewritten version Thing Status Reporting [; which only appears on OH 4.0.0 versions of OH (for now). I’m not sure this addresses your concerns in any way but think it’s worth mentioning.

Not that I can remember. I opened a bunch of issues early on when rule templates first became a thing but IIRC those were more around wanting to be able to have more than one template in a single posting. I don’t think I opened anything separately for updates/upgrades and I don’t recall seeing any. But double check the list of open issues to be sure. I’d probably start with openhab-webui.

I doubt it but they may not volunteer to implement it. And who ever does implement it will need to follow the standards of the repos. To support this I suspect both openhab-webui and openhab-core would be involved.

I for one would welcome something like this. All I’d ask is to make sure what ever you do works for all the marketplace categories, not just bundles.

It might be that OH 4 already has almost everything needed to support that already. The “official” add-ons installed now have a gear icon on the binding page in MainUI where you can adjust the logging level at least.

Adding the ability to move the logs for that one addon to another file and adding a download option will be a much bigger lift. New REST API end points will need to be added and new sections added to MainUI.