Updating HabPanel widget-template

I just started with the creation of custom templates for the HabPanel.
Currently I have built a manager for a group, which basically adds/ removes items to a group via the openhab rest api. This works really great.

To have a look at all current items in the group I created a second template with a bootstrap class to list all items of the group in vertical labels (with ng-repeat). This also works great when I start the panel and don’t modify the count of the items in the group.
But as soon as I modify the items in the group (add/ delete items to group) the second template remains the same and doesnt update the count of its labels. Only when I reload the template page or open a modular window, then the modified item gets added/ removed from the second template.

So basically ng-repeat seems only to get called once at the creation of this second template. But if I change anything which would impact the ng-repeat function nothing gets changed until I reload everything or open a modal window on the same panel page.

Is there any way of implementing a method, so the ng-repeat of the second template gets called when the itemcount changes?