Updating widget code not working

it must be something I’m doing , I’ve updated the Widget and when I switch back to the page showing the widget , I can’t see my changes showing.
is the Widget cached how do I refresh it , or do I need to delete and re-add?
OH v4.

I can’t remember where it’s documented but I believe it’s still the case that when you add a custom widget to a Layout page, it copies that widget to the page. Consequently if you go back to Developer Tools → Widgets and change things you’ll need to delete and re-add that widget to the page.

However, if you add a custom widget to an Item as “Default x Widget” metadata, then when you make changes to the widget under Developer Tools → Widgets, all you need to do is refresh the page to pull in the changes.

The widget definitions should be auto updated if you are staying in the same instance of the f7 app. If you update a widget, save it, and then navigate from the widget editor to the layout page you will see the updated widget. However separate instances of the app (including separate browser tabs) will not auto update and will need to be refreshed (in the Android app, this means either going to Help & About and selecting Reload or closing and reopening the app).

thats even weirder I’ve updated deleted and replaced Widget even added a new column but when I switch back to page I see old widget and new widget not showing.
I have “restarted app” refreshed page, even restarted browser,
I can see new page if I open in “private” mode or another browser but firefox doesn’t seem to get refreshed page.
note I ended up clearing firefox cache for the last hour to display new page.

That is strange. I use all chromium-based browsers, so I’ve never seen this before. It must be something specific to Firefox.

Indeed, a quick search turns up:

It looks like you are falling victim to this “bfcache”. You’ll want to look up how to disable this for a specific site in Firefox.