Upgrade Debian firefox to 125.0.3 (64bit) developer side bar gone

I upgraded to the latest firefox today and the developer side bar doesn’t show but it does in google chrome on the same PC.
The PC is running Debian Mint.
I have stopped openhab and cleared the cache but that didn’t do anything.
I am running openHAB 4.1.2
The developer side bar was there prior to upgrading.
The side bar shows on other computers that I haven’t upgraded yet.
Is anyone else seeing the same or is it just me?

Regardless of the answers to the following questions an issue should be filed.

How are you attempting to bring up the sidebar? If using alt-shift-d have you tried to bring it up from Developer Tools? If it works one way but not the other that could point to the cause of the problem.

Shift-alt-d doesn’t work.
The option for the side bar it totally missing from the developer page.
It was the before and I was using it.

I am wanting to know if anyone else has seen this behaviour.

I might upgrade another PC and see if happens there as well.

If it does then I can still use the side bar in chrome if I need to.

I upgraded another PC to the latest version of firefox and it has the developer side bar option so it looks like it is just the one computer that doesn’t work for some unknown reason.
I will purge firefox from that computer and reinstall and see what happens.
Thanks again.

Yep. Purged Firefox and reinstalled and now the developer side bar is BACK!