Upgrade from 2.5.12 to 3.1

Hello everybody!

Ive been running an OpenHAB 2.5.12 for a long basically because im scared of breaking everything.
Now that im on holidays and have some time i would like to upgrade to 3.* im not really sure if thats an easy process so I prefer to ask.

My openHAB system is on a virtual machine (ESXi server) so i was thinking to create a new virtual machine and installing openHAB 3.1 and from there restore my backup file from the 2.5.1.

Will this work? i know there have been some major changes on the new version and thats whats concerns me the most.

Thanks in advance

That probably won’t work. If you do it that way the restore will bypass any automated upgrades. You’re probably better off creating a mirror of your 2.5 instance and then upgrade one of them. There will be a few breaking changes you have to handle after that manually, mostly in your rules.

Thank you veru much @rlkoshak ill try it, sounds like the safest option