Upgrade from OH2.5.12 to OH3.4.2 (Raspberry 3+ to Raspberry Pi 4+)

You are probably right!!!
I compared the configuration with my OH2 system and it is indeed /dev/ttyACM0
let me try this out…

change to /dev/ttyAMO (typo: I meant /dev/ttyACMO) changed the controller to online.

Great. (I think you mean ttyACM0).

The other thing I was going to mention from an earlier post of yours (I think it was you). Is that the binding gets a little jumpy switching the z-stick in and out of Rpi3 and Rpi4. I usually do a bundle:list in karaf to find the zwave binding number, then a bundle:stop xxx before removing the zstick, then a bundle:start xxx after I plug it back in. Worst case if zwave doesn’t come up in 30 seconds is a OH restart. There used to be a LCK file problem too, but I think that is fixed.

oh yes. I think I am spending too long time on this today. Thanks for the fruitful support

I decided to bring a new instance of the openhab with a new z-wave controller.

Now it is the time to exclude all of my nodes (one by one, slowly) and include them again into a new controller. Before i will do this, I need to be sure the procedure I want to use is the right one.

OH2 runs with Aeotec 5G USB stick. This are steps i want to go:

  1. Set up the controller in the exclusion mode as in the manual explained
  2. after step 2 remove the node
  3. The controller shall provide exclusion confirmation
  4. Set the z-wave device into factory mode
  5. Include the node to a new controller (system)

What will happen with my Items? Shall I take care about them as well? Most of them are in the files, but some were added with the UI.

This is my theory. Usually, it does not run so smoothly so i will try to set up DEBUG mode for z-vawe binding. I read aslo about z-vawe log viewer but I do not know how to capture the right file in this case :frowning:

Can someone confirm the procedure?
Can someone explain how to capture the z-wave log file for analysis?

Maybe I’m missing something. Why don’t you simply backup the old stick and copy that to the new one? The free simplicity studio has a backup option or there is an old aeotec backup utility.

Edit: you may need a PC?

I decided to use a new USB stick (Aeotec 5G → UZB). I assume there is not easy backup option between these two.

It should work. They have the same chip.

Edit: the other advantage is that both your Rpi3 and Rpi4 will still be operational. I have copied the network from an Aeotec to a Zooz stick. I have an UZB but use it for a Zniffer. Anyway it will save you lots of time (depending on how many nodes you have)

Edit2: Here is a link to the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software : Aeotec Help Desk (freshdesk.com)

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Wow. If it works, it would save a lot of my time.
Now the question how to do this. I am able to read eeprom form aeotec but have no idea about tools for UZB

Same tool just use “write”

unbelievable. I use the SW from Aeotec for eeprom backup. If the chip and drivers are the same it should work. Let me try this out. I am expecting the UZB delivery tomorrow.
You mentioned about free simplicity studio. I have this installed (free version). Do you know how to do this with this tool?

It is the NVM backup option; Again read or write

many thanks. Let me try. I shall come back with some feedback soon

unfortunately I receive such message while trying to backup aeotec stick:

For my update I used ZStick G5 Tool from aeotec. I made a try and opened it with UZB stick. And it tells me Load ZStick Succes.

I am just wondering if I shall give a try to update it with the imige from aeotec. I do not want to flash sth. what may damage the device :face_with_monocle:

If I do this and it will be successful. What happens if there will be two controller with the same nodes? Will bot be able to receive and send signals?

I tried to flash the UZB stick with Aeotec backuped image. At the end I received this popup :frowning:


But connecting it to Z-Wave PC Controller I see all of my nodes from aeotec :wink:

To be honest I ado not know If i shall be happy or worried

Decided to continue…

  1. I had some ghost nodes in my old aeotec controller so i decided to remove them with the Z-Wave PC controller. I was able to do this withour problems.
  2. I connected the UZB to the new OH3 system. It has been recognised and slowly my devices appearing as thing in the system. At the moment I see only 7 out of 30 but assume with the time they will appear…

1h later…
All nodes have been found but many of then not fully and are not showing all of the configuration parameters. Any idea how to solve it? Heal device? Remove and add again? What is the right procedure for that?

From what I can see from your picture, all the devices with a warning are non listening. I would wake them. Heal, remove,etc will not help.

Edit: if that doesn’t do it (it likely will). Compare your 2.5.12 zwave folder content with the 3.4.2 zwave folder contents and copy only the missing files over (the ones that are there already should be the ones that are working okay). Then restart the zwave binding in Karaf bundle:restart … or just restart OH3

what does it mean? what files shall be copied from what destination?

This could be. Some of them have different wake up time. I will let the system run over the night. But to be honest, I am not sure all the information of the node will be updated just by waking them up. Let me see.

I don’t know your folder setup or if you have the samba shares on a PC, but this is the folder I’m talking about.
zwave folder
On linux the path is likley: var/lib/openhab/zwave

I can access the folder openhab-userdata on OH3 and can access it but I do not see it shared on OH2
:frowning: do you know where are these files accessing the system with ssh?