Upgrade issue

I wanted to mention this in hopes of fixing an upgrade bug and letting others know in case they observe it.

I’m on Raspbian and I install openHAB using apt from the bintray.com stable repo. I accepted all suggested changes during the upgrade process, and I migrated from openHAB 2.5 to 3.0, both stable.

After the upgrade completed, I had some odd behavior and I noticed that quite a few of the configuration files were copied over having references to openhab2 in their paths. So for example, this command returned an extensive list of matches:
grep -R openhab2 /var/lib/openhab/*

I went ahead and put together a command to fix the problem quickly:
grep -lR openhab2 /var/lib/openhab/* | xargs sed -i "s/openhab2/openhab/g"
You will need to restart openHAB after this.

I think there are one of two issues to consider, or possibly a combination of both:

  1. The files are copied over during the upgrade but no longer needed
  2. The files are still used and the upgrade process is not fixing file paths in the configuration files

I apologize for not preserving the list of files. I did the upgrade a few days back and didn’t think to save them.