Upgrade OH2 -> OH3: access issue to bintray jessie repository

Hello, I have read some entries in the forum, but don’t find anything how to solve my issue. I upgrade from 2.5.12-1 to OH3 via openhabian-config script. I found a lot of entries about a PGP key, but this seems not to be my issue. During the update from 2.5.10 to 2.5.12 openhabian-config has already changed the bintray repository entry.
And now the upgrade stops still on an bintray entry. Have I overseen any action I had to do or is this a new constellation?
I tried to upgrade with config menu item 03 and also set the branch with menu 01 to OH3.

My System environment:

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Kernel = Linux 4.19.66-v7+
Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
Uptime = 0 day(s). 0:7:17
Memory = Free: 0.03GB (4%), Used: 0.91GB (96%), Total: 0.95GB
Swap = Free: 0.68GB (100%), Used: 0.00GB (0%), Total: 0.68GB
Root = Free: 23.24GB (83%), Used: 4.73GB (17%), Total: 29.19GB
Updates = 0 apt updates available.
openHAB 2.5.12-1 (Release Build)

Extract from upgrade script with maximum debug level → see package 6 in apt-update step for error:

I do not understand if the content of the apt-secure man page is something I can/should do.

Ha, found an entry to Bintray in a Grafana-File, where I never assumed to find it … Now Upgrade is running …

I’d suggest you better upgrade to buster. openHABian no longer support stretch.

Hi Markus, how do I do this? I thought openhabian-config is doing that!? is it

apt-get dist-upgrade

Bytheway: the Upgrade to OH3 now was successful. The entry I found was the root cause for my permission issue.

No, use Big G to find out.
Don’t forget to have a backup.