Upgrade OH2 to OH3 (openhabian)

Hello there,

→ Openhabian
I started upgrading from OH 2.5.12 to OH3 main.

I follow the introduction of https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/migration/

The installation was successful, I did a restart and noticed that my login screen with putty still is on OH2.5.12.

After I opened openhab:8080 I see the new OH3 overlay → I can also use my ̶p̶̶a̶̶p̶̶e̶̶r̶̶u̶̶i̶ BasiC UI so the migration works I think.

I’ve tried to debug it by opening the log viewer openhab:9001 → here I see only OH2 entries and not “newer” entries since I started OH3.

After all I tried to upgrade again → sudo openhabian-config → 02.
Didn’t change anything.

→ 01 (OH3 main selected)
→ 02 upgrade → run multiple times
→ 03 install OH3 successful

Does anyone know why my login screen still shows OH2?

I’ve also tried with my backup version to clear the old OH2 data → like explained in the introduction.
* *sudo apt purge openhab2* *sudo apt update* *sudo apt install openhab* *
but yeah… when I do this, my login screen shows Openhabian without any version → like ()
This was just a try for myself, I don’t know if this information helps.


If PaperUI is still usable, you are on openHAB 2.x. It does not exist in openHAB 3.

sorry I was using the wrong term, I mean Basic UI (my sitemap)

You should be paying more attention to install docs.
You chose the main branch BEFORE you upgraded OH to v3.

I don’t see that explained. What did you “backup” and how ? the OS ? OH config data ? … ?

You can try to downgrade to stable branch via option 01 then select 03 again.
But I don’t take responsibility for that. Now that noone knows what (else) you have done to the system, it’s too awkward to resolve and your best bet is probably to export your current OH3 config, then install a fresh OH3 from scratch and import your config.

And please be more verbose, comprehensive and precise when you describe a problem the next time you want someone to help you with that.
For example you didn’t even mention the basicmost things like hardware or openHABian version.

I did the command → sudo openhabian-config → 2 cause I want an “up to date” 2.5.12 before I start upgrading to OH3…
also at the top of my first post I wrote 2.5.12 okay I forgot the -1 so it is 2.5.12-1. my fault
I am using a Raspberry 3b+

That’s the information for openhabian from the main dos

  • Connect to the SSH command line and execute: sudo openhabian-config
  • When being asked, answer that you want to update.
  • Select the menu entry"03 - Install openHAB" option

I don’t find that information from the main dos, I did it because I found some topics about it.
My backup is every time a complete SD card image from my old 2.5.12-1 OH2.

I’ve tried it several times with my backup 2.5.12-1.
I get every time to the point, that OH3 is installed but not displayed when I log into it with putty.

But yes I think a backup from my OH3 system and a fresh installation WITH OH3 should fix this.

okay i cant do a backup with the normal way…
sudo $OPENHAB_RUNTIME/bin/backup
the path is missing for me, i only got the OH2 path.

OH3 path:’ openHAB3: \openhab\openHAB-userdata\backups

i will make a fresh reply with screenshots and more details. I see my information was not usefull at this point. my fault

That’s ok. What’s NOT ok is to use option 01 to change branch to main.

That’s the openHAB version. I asked for the openHABian version

don’t bother, as I already indicated I’m not gonna debug your system.
Import to a fresh OH3 and you’re set.