Upgrade Openhabian from Stretch to Bullseye

Hi there,
is it possible to upgrade directly from Stretch to Bullseye by skipping Buster?
I’m still running OH2.5 on a Raspi 3B. Since a few days I’m observing some mysterious behaviours of the system, so I finally brought myself to upgrade to OH3. But first I think I should upgrade Openhabian to Bullseye, shouldn’t I?

Thank you!


No, you should:

  1. create a backup of your configs
  2. burn a new SD card with the latest openHABian
  3. configure it to install OH 2.5
  4. when it’s done, restore your configs
  5. use openhabian-config to upgrade to 3.3 (or 3.4 if you this takes a few days).

Thank you very much @rlkoshak for the quick answer. :+1: I’m going to do it exactly this way.
Have a nice day.

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