Upgrade questions

I have some questions regarding the migration to Release 4 branch
I would install from new openhabian since i am still on buster release.
Is there a need to install every used binding adons from scratch
? Or comes this automatically with the backup?
Since I am using Grafana, influxDB and Mariadb I guess all these things needs to be configured also from scratch. Is there any hint or best practice how to do this smoothly?
My OpenHAB 3 is running fine an I do not have any issues. But the Day will come I need to update.
So my Idea is to do it now and well planed. You may have some hints or resources for me I could use with respect to my questions.



At least you can try to copy your old configuration and check whether it will work on the new installation.

openHAB: use openhab_cli backup to create a configuration backup (or use openhab_cli backup --full to get a backup with additional rrd4j persistence data)
For Grafana and InfluxDB, you will have to backup the configuration manually, but for sure this is also possible, take a look at the official documentation for Grafana and InfluxDB.

But maybe there are also new versions for InfluxDB and/or Grafana. Be aware that InfluxDB2.x is using Flux, which will no longer be available in InfluxDB3 (so maybe either keep Influx 1.x, waiting for Influx 3, or switch to Flux and in not too far away future back to InfluxQL)

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For what it’s worth, I wasn’t planning to move to the 4 branch but some wrong moves later I was on the 4 Branch and still running Buster :sweat_smile:
So for the hell of it I just tried to upgrade everything needed. I do a full backup of the sd card every week anyway.
It was not straightforward, but in the end it’s working well. I have not documented anything though as I didn’t really believed it would work. But google is your friend.

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