Upgrade snap-shot in Windows

What is the procedure to upgrade the latest snap-shot relaeses if I am runing OH2 on windows?

I have exactly the same question. NO ANSWER AVAILABLE?


What I do is deleting runtime, userdata/cache and userdata/tmp and just extract new snapshot into OH2 folder and replace everything.

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I found this post and follwed the instructions of @maze


OH2 runs now with the newest snapshot for nearly 10 hours.
But is there really no official statement or documentation on this? It appears a little bit strange to me that OH2 aims to “simplify” things in the areas of thing configuration and item definition by offering several UIs while other crucial functions like upgrading to the next version in Windows apparently are not functionally supported at all. Here users are forced again to search the web for hours, to experiment in the deep structure of their OH2 folder structure and make a best guess trial and error… :frowning:

Hi @vossivossi, @maze and @davorf, I noticed these posts and whilst I have very little experience with openHAB and Windows I wanted to address your concerns. No documentation existed previously because no one from the community contributed to it. I have read a few posts and collected the information on the docs website:


I’m sure there are a many number of things missing, so please feel free to add to it, by contributing or discussing issues here:

Nice work :slight_smile:

I had missed the “all.policy” and “branding-ssh.properties” files in my description.

How can I now upgrade to the latest snaptshot version? I am running the official 2.0 version (Windows platform), but would like to upgrade to the most recent build.

ok, the old description still seems to work, also with the official release: