Upgrade woes to 2.5.1 and ZRAM

Hi guys

I upgraded my installation to 2.5.1 (running on Raspberry Pi 3) and problems post-install. Upon restart of the Pi there were a whole bunch of “read-only filesystem” errors in the logs.

I began to dread that my SD card was corrupted but it appears that it’s not. Turned out that there’s some kind of problem/issue with ZRAM. I finally stopped and disabled the ZRAM service and restarted again. Once i did this Openab started up fine again but i had to re-install all my bindings again (no big deal).

With ZRAM now disabled i can “feel” the system is running marginally slower, but is still working. I suppose my question to anyone out there is, has anyone else seen this when they upgraded to 2.5.1, and/or how to “fix” ZRAM?

Any input appreciated.

Thank you.

You’ve created too much data in ZRAM, probably by recreating the Karaf cache.
Read the ZRAM status post and what it says on disk full/read-only and the recommended procedure on upgrade.