Upgrading openHAB 2.1 from Jessie to Strech

I’m running openHAB 2.1 on an RPi3 using the Jessie install image. I’d like to upgrade to the latest Debian Stretch. I’m planning on following this blog post on it.


I’m wondering if there are any caveats or gotchas to watch out for.


Well, that went well. LOL. I had meant to just do the apt-get update, but accidently did the upgrade after doing the update. The result is a non-bootable system from my USB3 HDD where openHAB2.1 on the RPi3 has been happily running for a few months now, and would boot and reboot from.

Fortunately, it would boot off the 3-4 months old microSD so I’ll have to figure out if I can get it to boot from the HDD again. I thought that neat little trick of getting it to boot and run off the HDD was permanent but maybe not.

At least I can see /dev/sda1 and sda2 so the new “upgrade” is probably in there somewhere. For some reason, I thought the cmdline.txt and the config.txt files on the mmcblk0p1 /boot and the HDD /sda2 would be different but they’re exactly the same.

More research. Sigh.