UPNP Player going offline

I have an Arylic media player that keeps going offline due to this error.

UPnP device with UDN FF31F09E-253B-7EF5-AF4E-0004FF31F09E not yet registered

If I go to the inbox and use the UPNP binding to scan for new devices, the thing associated with that player will come back online. I have the binding logging set at DEBUG but haven’t seen any useful log entries.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

There are some common issues this could be. What version of OH are you using and how is it installed?

I am on 3.4.4, openhabian install on a Pi 4

Take a look here and see if this fixes the problem:

I made the changes and seems good over the last 4 hours. Thank you for the help!

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