URL ip camera

hi, i bought a topcony ty10 onvif camera, via ip camera binding, oh she found it.
I can’t find the various video url, photo, onvif etc, to make it work.
I searched both in the forum and on the internet but I didn’t find anything.
can someone help me?
thank you very much

Looks like there are no docs available or at least they cannot be found.
Is there any support that you could contact ?
Other options would be

  • decompile the app and check if you can find any URLs there
  • use a network sniffer or proxy to analyze the network traffic
  • use an app that analyzes the network traffic ( acts as a VPN ) to extract the URLs
  • does the CAM support http or https only ? In case of http you could use a proxy for traffic analysis

If it is truely ONVIF then the binding will discover the URLS automatically. You can download a free program called ‘ONVIF device manager’ and see if that detects anything, if not then the camera does not support ONVIF fully.

The company does not appear to have a website, and there is nothing ever posted about the brand on this forum Home | IP Cam Talk both of these two things does not look promising.

Ok thanks