USB dongle for ZigBee 3.0

I need a usb dongle that supports zigbee 3.0
do you believe this can do for me?

From the manufacturer’s indications it seems that it is also compatible with OH, has anyone tried it?

They provide pretty thorough instructions and make it very clear that it works with OH. I’d have no reason to believe it would have any problems.

they are not available though

This uses the Ember chipset, so is fine. At the moment I only support some features of ZB3 so it’s possible that this won’t support everything you need if you require certain ZB3 features.

I need to be able to communicate with bticino devices “living now”
From their catalog ( page 117)
, they specify:

“ZigBee Certified Product Technology, Zigbee 3.0 Public Profile”

do you think that with that dongle it can work?

It depends on what ZB3 features they are using - probably it will work, but I can’t confirm this without testing, and I don’t have any of these devices to test against.

Hello All,

I am a sort of newbie as still testing OH (am limited in time) despite some features are already live in my tiny environment.
Now I am planning to move from docker to rpi and go for Zigbee.

The last comment seems to be a bit old in this thread, also the others are and the documentation did not help much (to me) in finding out what are the today recommended Zigbee usb sticks or rpi GPIO boards (if there are any) which are Zigbee v3 complaints and good to go w OH.
My other question is if the Zigbee binding is more v3 compliant by now.

Ps.: no specific need, just prefer a bit of future proof approach

Thanks in advance


Can you describe what you are looking for? The binding should work with ZB3.0 devices if you use an Ember dongle, but it’s not ZigBee certified since that costs a lot of money (although I have just certified a system broadly broadly based on the binding for ZigBee Smart Energy).

Most of the ZB3.0 changes from HA1.2 are around key management which is not really an issue with the binding (Although the binding needs to manage these features, but if the dongle doesn’t support ZB3.0 then there’s nothing that can be done).Application layer support is all managed through the binding and is the same as HA1.2.

I don’t really have any specific dongles to point at. Many people use the HUSBZB-1 dongle which is a good choice in the US. In Europe the Qivicon/Bitron Funkstick is a similar device (both of these include the Ember EM35x chipset).

Hi Chris,

I appreciate your quick reply.

The conclusion to me is, I should relax a bit :slight_smile:

There are not much certified Zigbee v3 sticks on the market and the upcoming future standards may reshape few things in 2 or more years.

However I was about to go for an nxp stick, i chose bitronvideo according to your reply.
It seems like it supports “only” v2, but if I am not mistaken v3 is mainly about more secure joining.

Bitron and qivicon are both for Telekom’s smart home solution and so far found no information about possible updating the stick’s firmware (with official new ones), but the price is fair to experiment Zigbee with a stick instead of hubs.

Thanks again for you reply it helped me lot

I think there are a few now, but the point is that most of the application stuff is not linked to the dongle - it’s handled in the software (in our case, the binding).

Well, in the long term of course things may change, but I doubt things will change significantly for a few years.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for the information, I was not aware of it.

I am facing to a long learning curve… :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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Hi @chris,

Only to update you: the stick has arrived, plugged in and works like charm, real plug n play.
I’ve set my Osram plug 01 to join, was accomplished without any issue, however for a while the switch item was reporting off state and was not doing/reacting anything, a little later it was also ok and since then it is working well (perhaps the reboot helped?)

To sum it up, I’m very amazed about how smooth it was! Thank you for the great job!

And a question: are the ZigBee keys default and same for all openhab instances and are to be replaced with new ones or those are randomly generated and are a sort of unique keys?

Thanks in advance

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There are 2 keys - the first is a “link key” - this is the same for everyone (don’t change it - your system will not allow devices to join the network). The other is the network key - this is used to encrypt data on the network and this will be unique for every network.

Thanks, ok I will bear in mind :slight_smile:

@TheNON which stick did you finally buy?

I can report here, that I just succeeded to control a 3.0 zigbee wall dimmer switch by a simple and cheap CC2531 coordinator.

  • Zulu 8.50
  • Openhab 2.5.10 on Windows 10
  • CC2531
  • SmartRF04eb Programmer
  • Z-Stack 3.0 from the zigbee2mqtt (click “view raw”)

Hi @hhaensel,

I followed the advice and went for a bitronvideo stick, which worked very well as @chris did and is doing a very good job.
…But the needs have changed and switched to a gpio board with a pi. Since then I am using deconz, but already planning a more simple and small Zigbee network by my “in laws” with the above mentioned bitronvideo stick.

Is anybody succesfully using the RaspBee 2 for his Zigbee appliances? I’m running short on USB ports and would prefer to use this if the working is the same:

Meanwhile I moved the 3.0 stick to my old Synology NAS. And here, the device with zigbee 3.0 is terribly slow. (30s lag and more)
Maybe it needs a fast computer? I read about problems with slow zigbee…

Anyhow, on my laptop everything runs smoothly

No - it doesn’t. The data rates used are relatively low.