USB dongle for ZigBee 3.0

Great, thanks for the information, I was not aware of it.

I am facing to a long learning curve… :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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Hi @chris,

Only to update you: the stick has arrived, plugged in and works like charm, real plug n play.
I’ve set my Osram plug 01 to join, was accomplished without any issue, however for a while the switch item was reporting off state and was not doing/reacting anything, a little later it was also ok and since then it is working well (perhaps the reboot helped?)

To sum it up, I’m very amazed about how smooth it was! Thank you for the great job!

And a question: are the ZigBee keys default and same for all openhab instances and are to be replaced with new ones or those are randomly generated and are a sort of unique keys?

Thanks in advance

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There are 2 keys - the first is a “link key” - this is the same for everyone (don’t change it - your system will not allow devices to join the network). The other is the network key - this is used to encrypt data on the network and this will be unique for every network.

Thanks, ok I will bear in mind :slight_smile:

@TheNON which stick did you finally buy?

I can report here, that I just succeeded to control a 3.0 zigbee wall dimmer switch by a simple and cheap CC2531 coordinator.

  • Zulu 8.50
  • Openhab 2.5.10 on Windows 10
  • CC2531
  • SmartRF04eb Programmer
  • Z-Stack 3.0 from the zigbee2mqtt (click “view raw”)

Hi @hhaensel,

I followed the advice and went for a bitronvideo stick, which worked very well as @chris did and is doing a very good job.
…But the needs have changed and switched to a gpio board with a pi. Since then I am using deconz, but already planning a more simple and small Zigbee network by my “in laws” with the above mentioned bitronvideo stick.

Is anybody succesfully using the RaspBee 2 for his Zigbee appliances? I’m running short on USB ports and would prefer to use this if the working is the same:

Meanwhile I moved the 3.0 stick to my old Synology NAS. And here, the device with zigbee 3.0 is terribly slow. (30s lag and more)
Maybe it needs a fast computer? I read about problems with slow zigbee…

Anyhow, on my laptop everything runs smoothly

No - it doesn’t. The data rates used are relatively low.

@David_Dassonneville, I am running raspbee ii for my zigbee network and so far all ok. But be aware that won’t run with the openhab zigbee binding, it is a different „story“

So how is your setup? Which binding or software do you use?

As my main goal was to integrate with homekit, I have migrated my main setup to NRCHKB completely.

To be clear - I assume you mean that the conbee/raspbee doesn’t work with the zigbee binding? This is correct as it is not supported by the ZigBee binding (there’s no real story though :confused:).

Would be great if there was support for zzah (Zigbee 3.0). It is the zigbee2mqtt main promoted usb stick at the moment. I have one that I run zigbee2mqtt on. I will see if I can get an additional stick and test it out with openhab.

I have no idea what this means - sorry.

Thanks - I thought this was running the standard TI firmware so should work with the binding, but I’ve personally not tested it and do not personally use TI chipsets at all so if someone can verify that would be good.

Hi @chris, sure i meant this :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the reply. If I understand correctly you’re not using the raspbee with Openhab?
Is there another way to integrate this in openhab, thats ok to use?