Usb webcam on PI3

how can i use a usb webcam connected to the same PI3 where i have OH2?
how can I configure it?


OH really does not have any real integration with cameras. You can put the feed from your camera on your sitemap or in HABpanel. See the sitemap and habpanel documentation pages for details. You will need to install something else like Motion to supply the camera feed over your network.

ty rlkoshak

just few details …
ffswebcam is a good choice or is it better something else?
and the right mode… is better to schedule a script or schedule the command directly?
and what about the right place where put the image file?


This isn’t a security camera forum and OH ha almost no native support for such cameras. I have no idea if that is a good choice and there will be few on this forum who will be able to say so either.

I don’t understand the question. Typically those who use cameras with OH use some external program to manage everything and just show the feed on their sitemaps. There is a Zoneminder binding that will let OH receive motion events from that program.

Somewhere that the openhab user has permission to read.

I have a little usb webcam on my RPI3 where OpenHAB is installed but they do not interact each others.

I use “motion” software to put the video stream on the net. It’s a very powerful tool.

As Rich already said, you can put this video stream into a sitemap or HabPanel, nothing more (for what I know)



wow, motion is a very cool application, thanks for sharing
basically turns any camera including webcams into motion triggered video stream/record
installation was as easy as apt-get install motion, plug in webcam, go to localhost:8081 in browser

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