Use a Friends of Hue


I have Friends of Hue buttons.

To control a bulp or other smart products I create a rule. Is this the “best practice” or has openhab other ways to setup a controller?


With OH “Best Practice” IMHO is relative to each setup so go with what works for you.

Friends of Hue require either a Hue bridge or might work (or not) with a ZigBee stick.
Rules are not relevant at that stage so your question is strange.
I suggest you start learning OH concepts first. Start with the docs.


Thank you. I can’t use the Philips Hue App for the FoH. I use Ikea Tradfri and use the Ikea Gateway (to make Firmwareupdates). I don’t want add all bulp new when I have new Firmware. So the Ikea Tradfri Bulp are in the Tradfri Bridge, and the Hue Bulp in the Hue Bridge.

Now I wan’t to controll my Tradfri with a Friends of Hue. The only way where I found was to set up a Rule in OH2 and control my tradfri from FoH Switch.

Is this not the correct way if I not use the Philips Hue Bridge for the Tradfri? I don’t found a solution to add a tradfri bulp in both bridges.

I dont know your scenario because I don’t own hue or tradfri. But probably the the follow profile is what You are looking for.

There’s no such thing as a “correct” way. If it works for you to control your bulb from OH then it’s correct.
But you don’t have to use rules, you can use any of the OH UIs (Web, app, rules).
If you want to synchronize two lights (or channels in terms of OH), then you can can use rules or as @danil said the follow profile.

Zigbee devices can’t be paired with two coordinators aka gateways. You can factory reset your tradfri and add it to your hue bridge. This will remove it from the tradfri gateway, but the hue remotes should then work with it.

If you want to use openhab, then yes you can write a rule to use a trigger from the hue gateway and send a command to the tradfri bulb.

I can’t comment on whether native hue or tradfri apps will still function as once I move something to openhab I do not ever open up the vendor apps. There is no reason to do so if you have openhab.

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