Use a house plan to control a lot of doors

Hi there!

Not new to OpenHAB, did several projects controlling MQTT devices and so with simple UIs

Now I face a big project, I need to control opening, closing and state of between 100-200 doors. I have all the remote hardware more or less solved and would control and status them via MQTT.

My caveat is about how to implement the UI. I would like to use a house plan (will be several plans due to the extension of the building and having several floors) and be able to select one door in the plan (or several doors if possible) and control/status it.

If this is not possible I would like to be able to control/status as many doors as possible in a FullHD single screen.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance

do you know about this does it help ?

The MainUI, at this point is flexible enough with enough options that there isn’t really a single answer. It depends a great deal on how much time you are willing to invest in the development.

Here’s one of my old favorites if you want to make your dashboard completely out of an svg file:

Or, if you you build out your system with the semantic model, then a simple rule or two lets you control any set of doors by location with a single button in your standard MainUI page.

Or, the floorplan pages that @stamate_viorel pointed out.


Thank you @stamate_viorel and @JustinG,

I didn’t knew about the floorplan pages… It seems that they’re exactly what I need!!!

Thank you again!

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