Use a Qubino ZMNHND1 flush relay as a push button dry contact

Hi @chris

I read in another topic that you have experience with Qubino devices. I recently purchased a ZMNHND1 flush relay. I would like to use it as a dry contact to open my garage door. I have tried changing some parameters but I’m not having any success so far to get it to work as a pushbutton. I think the switch should be NC and when pressing the button, it must close the circuit. Pressing the button once should open the garage door, pressing again stops the port, pressing another time closes it.

So far, the relay is working but it is not turning off after 500 ms.

I tried adding the item manually with auto-update false, but no avail.

Switch GarageDoor "GarageDoor" { channel="zwave:device:1b1ad598:node8:switch_binary", autoupdate="false"}

According to the manual 500 means 5 seconds (if parameter 15 is set to Milliseconds selected), not 500 ms (each step is 10ms): 500x10ms=5 seconds


Thanks! Looked over that… All working fine now