Use alexa to output price of Gasolin by voice command

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _Raspberry Pi 4 4MB

    • openHAB version: Openhab 3.3 (openhabian)

I’m using the binding tankerkoenig and I like to add an Alexa output to the item.
Is this possible or do I need to write a Rule for that function?

e.g. Alexa what is the price of Gasoline at Tankstelle Metro

Number Tankstelle_Metro_Diesel “Diesel [%.3f €]” {alexa="???"} { channel=“tankerkoenig:station:WebserviceName:Tankstelle_Metro:diesel”}

You can do both, either:

  1. just add Alexa meta data to your item, but then you need to rely on the Alexa utterance and I believe Alexa is not ready for prices, therefore your item will be treated as “others” and you can only ask something like "what’s the current value of "

  2. create a routine within Alexa and an openhab rule if you want to customize your question and the output

Btw: I’m also using tankerkoenig binding and in addition to the current gas price I’m also having the last 7 day average and 7day minimum value in separate items (using persistence & a rule) , what’s helping me to understand if current price is high or low.