Use case: controlling Ditec VIVAH car gates with the Shelly Plus 1 and openHAB

My latest project in integrating our legacy devices into our home automation system was to connect the entrance gates of our car port. Since I already used Shelly components for other purposes, the Shelly Plus 1 was the natural choice to bring the entrance gates into openHAB and make them controllable from our BTicino home automation system as well as the openHAB UI and apps.

I have described the complete project from wiring of the devices to data model and rules in my blog. While I guess integration of garage doors or entrance gates is nothing new, I hope the article might still be useful to some having to integrate the same hardware as I did:

As always, any comments, suggestions or questions are very welcome.

For better integration and accessibility I have now integrated the car gates with Apple HomeKit and CarPlay. Maybe again this is useful for some of you, I have written about it in my blog here: