Use Items Data in Widget

In the oh-repeater it is possible to fetch all items data, name, label, category …

Kaffeemaschine_state (Type=SwitchItem, State=OFF, Label=Kaffeemaschine, Category=material:coffee_maker, Tags=[Switch, Gaststube], Groups=[Kaffeemaschine, Misc])
- component: oh-toggle-item
       color: '=(items[].state == "ON") ? "yellow" : "gray"'
       icon: ='oh:' + loop.item.category && loop.item.category
       iconUseState: true
       title: =loop.item.label

My question is, is it possible to fetch the items data outside a oh-repeater like this

- component: f7-icon
      color: red
      material: "=items[props.itemicon3].category.split(':')[1]"
      size: 25px

Thanks, Rolli

no, just, item.state and item.displayState

Thanks for the answer, I suspected that.
Then I have to implement the oh-repeater.