Use Openhab and Domoticz on same raspberry?

I am quit new to Openhab and it seems to me it has a lot of nice features.

However I am now using Domoticz with RFLink to control a lot of switches.
Unfortunately there is no working binding for the RFLink.

Is it possible to use Domoticz and Openhab on the same Raspberry.
To switch on and off lights etc (433 MHZ) I would to like to send some json commands with Openhab buttons.
Did some one did something like that ?

The RFXcom binding might work for you. I don’t really know for sure.

I don’t know anything about the other product but as long as it doesn’t use the same networking ports:8080, 1801, and 5000 I think. Also, only one at a time will be able to use your 433 transceiver.