Use RFXCOM binding to control Sonoff switch

Hi, I see lots of discussion around MQTT for integration of Sonoff switches, and wondered if anyone is using the RFXCOM binding to achieve this. The RFXCOM doc states Sonoff is compatible, but i cant figure out how to configure an item in OH2. I have a couple of the Sonoff RF433 switches and also a couple of the WiFi only versions


Hi BigCol,
integrating sonoff switches in OpenHab is very simple if you flash
the custom Firmware Tasmota on it. With this the sonoff switch is a
nice mqtt device.
Everything is here. In the Wiki is a example for integrating in OpenHab

There is reallý no need to use RFXCOM for sonoff devices!!

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Thanks very much for your reply Johann.

I’m a bit nervous with MQTT, is it a straightforward technology?

If you got OpenHab running by your own, it will be easy for you.
Yes, mqtt is straight forward. Just take a look in the example (wik) from Tasmota. If you do it just as described you can switch your first sonoff under 1h! For me the Software Tasmota was the reason to choose OpenHab.
The harder way was (for me) to learn how OpenHab works!

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ok cool, and again thank you.

Ready to do the upgrade and read that you cant do an OTA upgrade on devices with firmware 1.6 or above…i’m on 1.6 :frowning:

Ok so I’ve read it’s not going to be possible to do an OTA few update. So now my question again is can I use RFXCOM to control my Sonoff.

Not being able to do the flash with Tasmota OTA doesn’t mean you can’t do it. I have done such without soldering anything to the switch, just held the pins onto the connection points while flashing.

Only controlling a Sonoff by 433 MHz ( which would be the case by using RFXCOMM) would degrade the WLAN Switch to a standard 433 MHz switch. I.E. the switch will not give back an information if it is switched ON or OFF.
Since I don’t own a RF version (yet) I can’t say if RFXCOMM is recognised by the switch, however I have read several posts stating problems switching the RF with Intertechno compatible codes (the quasi standard for 433 power plugs).

Thanks very much for your reply. Is there a guide I could follow for the flashing method you mention please?

There are lots off, Google is your friend!

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