Use Siri to send arguments to bash script and run it?

Hi there ,

I’m a new to openHAB trying to sending arguments to Linux script through Siri and by that I’ll be able to run my script and return its result such as number or string

During my learning process, I managed to create the Thing, Item and Sitemap, and script then got it to run a ping command (ping -c 2) by homekit switch and Siri and that was straight forward to achieve. However, passing an IP address, string or a number to Siri doesn’t seem like an easy thing to config, at least for me.

I can see that openHAB is pretty flexible and people are sending numbers, percentage and strings to their Things as input and getting dynamic outputs, so I’m guessing my requirements should be doable in similar fashion or another. Here are sample scenarios trying to achieve:

Sample scenario1:
Request: Hey Siri, please ping
Response: is reachable

Sample scenario2:
Request: Hey Siri, switch my internet provider to the second one
Response: Your provider will switch to secondary now

Could you share example configs and simple explanation?