Use Zigbee (XBEE) with raspberry pi via SPI

I am allready using the ZigBee (XBee) board togehter with raspberry pi and openhabian. The connection I established via serial interface and it worked fine.

Actually I would like to connect the XBEE to the raspberry via SPI. Because I have to use the serial lines of the raspberry pi board connector (J8) for another communication.

So I would like to figure out if there is any way to use XBEE with openhabian via SPI?

The ZigBee binding expects a serial port, so you would require an SPI driver that presents a serial port to the OS.


Is for openHABian such a SPI driver which presents a serial port available?

I don’t believe it is a standard driver with Linux, so I’m pretty sure it will not be included with openHABian. I have seen such a driver somewhere, so if you search around you might be able to find something and make it work.

Good luck - and please do report back on how you get on.