User credentials and IPv6

An issue related to IPv6 (dual stack):

  • Raspberry Pi 2 running Jessie enables IPv6 (in dual stack mode) by default
  • Windows-Client (also running IPv6 and IPv4 in dual stack) using a Web-Browser to access the OpenHAB service by hostname inside the local LAN
  • openhab.cfg with “security:option=EXTERNAL” and “security:netmask=192.168.x.0/24”

The Web-Browser on the client uses IPv6 to connect to the Raspi and this is (correctly!) assumed as an EXTERNAL connect request, therefore the Username/Password request box is shown by the browser.

Thus to mimic the IPv4 behavior an additional configuration item (security:ipv6netmask=x:x:x:x::/64) is needed :wink:
Otherwise you always have to enter credentials in IPv6 enabled environments… Or you have to use the IPv4 address instead of the hostname…

Have fun,

See the following topic for a resolution to this problem.