User defined Milight RGB controls

I recently installed a color garden and landscape lighting system with Milight FUT-037 RGB controllers and a Milight iBox 2 wifi controller directing rgb flood lights. I’m able to send commands through the stock Milight Android app and have a Milight FUT-096 remote as a backup. My thought has always been to look into more configurable control software options that might allow for some user defined light patterns beyond changing the speed of the stock “Disco” mode, etc. I imagined that someone would have already come up with an app or control code allowing for seasonal colors to show an Independence Day display of red, white and blue fading, changing color, and brightening for July 4th; alternating red and green for a Christmas, etc. I’ve been looking for a couple of months with no luck on finding anything “off the shelf” that can do this. In the past I’ve played around with some scripts & hobbled together a couple of web sites, but am by no means a developer. Could there be existing tools or code associated with openHAB that accomplish this? Or could existing code be modified? Would a novice like myself be able to make them work? I’m willing to spend the time and effort training myself to write and apply code if there’s a good chance of yielding the proper outcome. Do you know of existing clients found elsewhere that meet my needs? All suggestions and guidance appreciated.