User management and authentification Rest Api

Is user Management in Openhab possible?
I am working on an academic project. I found openHab DM (, but the last commit was over 2 years ago. I decided not use OpenHAB DM.

I found that in the rest api there is authentification integrated. (

Can somebody explain how to use it?

What are advantages and disadvantages using authentification over Rest?
What are advantages and disadvantages using authentification over MQTT?

In openhab cloud somebody wrote that is possible to add users. Why this is only in openHab cloud?

I am a student and new to openHAB. I have experience in Webdevelopment and basic knowledge in Java.

Not at the moment but it looks like there may be something implemented by the 2.4 release.

In the mean time use a reverse proxy:

It’s not yet ready for prime time I think. Last week it broke everyone’s setup.

I don’t understand the question. Authentication of OH’s REST API and MQTT are somewhat orthogonal. The auth in the REST API would control access to OH’s REST API. Auth in MQTT controls access to the MQTT broker.

Because OH itself right now does not implement authentication and authorization. OH Cloud is used to remotely access one’s OH server without using NAT on your personal firewall. Since most HA users will want to have more than one person to have remote access to their HA OH Cloud allows for the creation of multiple users for one account.

Curious what is your academic project?