User specific sitemap?

Hello all,

I want to set visibility of a control based on the username of the user logged in (via iphone/Android app or web interface). Is this possible?

Basically I have a switch that turns on and off certain push notifications. There is one for me and one for my wife. Rather than both of us seeing both switches, I’d like to only have the correct one visible based on who is logged in.

something like:
Switch item=notifyMe visibility=[uname==“user1”]
Switch item=notifyHer visibility=[uname==“user2”]

Thanks for the help,


The only way (currently) to do this is by having separate sitemaps for each user and configuring their mobile device accordingly.

Thanks Ben - didn’t think of that.

Be aware of the multiple sitemap approach that unless you use a reverse proxy you have no way to keep your users from seeing all of the sitemaps should they choose to.

Right, I’m not worried about allowing only specific site maps / controls to certain users, just don’t want to have users see extra controls they don’t need to bother with. Thanks for the heads up.