User/tablet identification


Are there ways to display only certain items to certain users or tablet?

Can I, for example, put a tablet in every room and only show that room, without allowing to go brows to another room?

User login is not an option, unless it can be auto signin.

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I’ve made different sitemaps for different tablets and phones.

You can have different configurations of HABpanel for different devices and different rooms too.

But actually, there is no way to restrict certain users to certain sitemaps.

And: You can have different sitemaps, but you cannot join (include) them into a “master” sitemap.

So i can have different sitemaps and configurations on HABpanel to start on different tablets, i can make other sitemaps not to show on the tablet but i can’t restrict users from accessing other sitemaps.


HABpanel doesn’t use sitemaps - it’s independent of them. If you only use HABpanel, you don’t need sitemaps at all.

But you can have a different configuration for each HABpanel. Make a master one which has all your stuff on it and when you want a new panel configuration, save the master configuration to a new panel configuration and give it a new name when you save it.

If you want to restrict access to a particular user, you could have a keypad widget on the first page of each panel which, with a set of rules, would stop all panel functionality until a correct code was entered. Each user could have their own code.

There’s probably a better way of doing it and I’m sure someone will be along in a minute to suggest that.

I’m thinking of having some more functionality on my panels controllable only with a keypad after the child of one of my friends decided to go to every screen and randomly press buttons and turn things on and off.

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yes ist correct. A restriction is with onboard Tools of OH not possible.
My Workaround is to use the “kiosk mode”. Which starts the browser in full Screen, with no address bar (linux).