Users not in the file

Platform information:
Hardware: RaspberryPi4B/4GB
OS: OpenHab3

My Problem is when I try to create a user(with the console), It works and I can use the Users. But I cant find them in the users.json.
One Information: I use tmpfs

What does that mean ? Is that a linux user ( stored in /etc/passwd ) that you create on the linux console ?
If that is the case then the explanation is easy. A linux user for the shell ( in /etc/passwd ) will not be stored in users.json. That user needs to be generated in the karaf console.

Or do you use the karaf console to create that user ? What is the comand that you use to create the user ?

I create the users via the users command in the karaf console

did you add these as first users or has there already been at least one user and you added addtional users ?

I add them additionally. I have already added test users successfully, but when I try to add new users, they are not saved.

Can’t confirm that here on 3.3.
Just tested with command

openhab:users add NameOfTheUser PasswordOfUser user

Compared the last two json.db files in /var/lib/openhab/jsondb/backup and also checked the json.db file in the directory above the backup directory. The user is added there.

Did you do anything in a different way than described above ?

There is no file containing the users. The last file with users is already 2 weeks old.

One thing I have done is to integrate tmpfs.



The last users file is of last week: 24.12.2022.
The neewly added user is still listed in oh?
How did you add tmpfs?

exactly according to this tutorial: openHAB Serie: Teil 3 - einfache und sichere Datenspeicherung mit der Persistence - YouTube

and yes the newly added users are listed in oh and i can log in with these users

Strange. The changes according to that description only have impact on the persistence. Not on the other data. You made changes according to you system e.g. you used openhab instead of openhab2 for folder names ( even this can’t be the root cause ).
On openhabian zram can be enabled / is enabled so tmpfs would not have been required.

Does the openhab.log file show any error messages ? Are you able to create a new file in the folder /var/lib/openhab/jsondb with user openhabian ?

No there isn´t an error in the log(But the last cached Log was from the 24.12) and yes I´m able to create a new file.


Which command do I have to execute to use zram?

After reinstalling the hole system it works.