Using a different Rest API URL in openHAB (habPanel). Can I configure it?


I am fairly new to openHAB and I have a question regarding the configuration of the Rest API.
Can I change the URL for the Rest API to be different from the openHAB installation?

For example I have an openHAB installation and I want to relay the Rest request through a different service which communicates with the actual openHAB Rest API.

Can this behaviour achieved through configuration or by creating a binding?

You should explain more about what you are trying to do because what you are describing doesn’t really make much sense.

What you are describing is that HABPanel, which is just a web page served up by a web server embedded in openHAB is interacting with an openHAB REST API, which is also provided by the same embedded web server in openHAB on a different server? The web page itself is directly served to the browser from the openHAB server but everything else goes through some other service? Neither of these make any sense at all. And even if they did, there are security controls in place in the browsers and such that usually prevent a web page from retrieving resources from a domain different from the domain the web page was served from.

Because the web UIs and the REST API are provided by the same web server, it makes not sense to split the communication up like this. Make it all or nothing.

So please describe not what you want to do. Describe what problem you are trying to solve. Maybe using a simple reverse proxy so that everything goes through that “different service” is what you want. Maybe you need to set up the openHAB server so it communicates with the other service directly.