Using a selection type item


another probaby easy question, but i can’t get it to work…
i’m trying to use a “selection” menu item in my sitemap (in this case to switch the channel on my denon receiver).

the ‘items’ in question:

Switch DenonInputTuner          "Input Radio"           {denon="AVRX1000#SITUNER"}
Switch DenonInputDVD            "Input SHIELD"          {denon="AVRX1000#SIDVD"}
Switch DenonInputBluray         "Input PS4"             {denon="AVRX1000#SIBD"}

Can i use a selection item like documented here for this purpose ? :

Selection item=LR_TV_Channel label="TV Channel" mappings=[0="DasErste", 1="BBC One", 2="Cartoon Network"]

Not like this.

The example as written will, for example, set the LR_TV_Channel Number Item to 1 if the user selects “BBC One” from the list.

You have separate Switch Items for each channel. Selection does not work with multiple Items.

You will need to create a Design Pattern: Proxy Item as a Number Item and a Rule to send the ON command to the right Item based on the number it gets commanded with.