Using Alexa in Thailand

I’m new to Smart Home automation. I have read many information within the last 2-3 weeks. One question I didn’t find an answer about. My actual location is in Thailand. Is there something to care to use alexa in Thailand?

thanks in advanced

Regards, Uwe

from openHAB point of view I would not expect any issue using Alexa in Thailand. Basically you have 2 choices afaik. First is using official openhab skill with Alexa and link it to myOpenhab cloud service. This is how I do it from Germany. Second is using the Philips-Hue emulation service.
Concerning Amazon service for Alexa in Thailand almost everything should work as well. Only limitation mentioned by another user in Thailand is that you cannot set Thai Address in Alexa App, so localized services may not work. But this would then not be an openhab issue.

Thank you for your Information.