Using an ePaper / eInk Display as Energy/Temperature Monitor (mqtt)

Hey There,
is anyone using the Papirus ePaper Display?

I want to display my power consumption/current wattage and other values, that are available via mqtt.

I found two examples that handle mqtt and the PaPiRus shield:
This one works, but i can display only one Value and the refresh rate is to high (every state change triggers a redraw on the e-paper display, i think 60 seconds should be ok)

This one handles multiple Values and there is no need to re draw the whole screen, but it doesn’t work, because of missing libraries:

would be great if someone can help me with the python script from frederick uses the old library mosquitto but now its called paho-mqtt
Redefining it does not work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I combined both of them and finally the E Paper is working. Well, it is not the best resolution, but its fine.

Can I add a white space or (small tab) in case of a temperature with only one digit before the comma?
The picture shows exact 10,0 Degrees, I know that.
I do not want to have a leading zero, so this layout should only be applied for temperatures between 0.0-9.9 °C (negative temperature have two digits before the decimal point)
Furthermore temperatures below - 9,9°C are not existant (at the moment) :slight_smile:


custom refresh interval and new libraries have been added: