Using Bitmap(PNG) and Vector(SVG) icons together

Hi all,

As I understand, the only way now is to use either SVG or PNG icons in the BasicUI. Are there any workarounds for using both? Mainly I’m using SVG icons, but I can’t find vector graphic icons for everything, there I need to use bitmap icons.
Is this somehow possible?


I don’t think so… :frowning_face:
Any one wants to contradict me, please? I would like the functionality too.

If not, I will make a suggestion to include this :slight_smile: I don’t think that this is hard to implement, but it will help users to use different icons.

The only solution now is to convert the PNG to SVG (or vice versa which seems easier I think).

Personally, I have enough faith in the developers skills and forethought that if this were easy to implement it would have been implemented already.

But for anyone to ever take action on this an issue will need to be filed in the Eclipse SmartHome repo, the Android app repo, the iPhone app repo, and possibly HABPanel as well. And the changes will have to be coordinated.

Ah, now it makes more sense…
However I think it will be a great improvement.

Ps.: It is normal that these icons which are not included in OH, wouldn’t want to appear in iOS app?

They should show up. But to be honest, there is not nearly as much work being done on the iPhone app as pretty much any other part of OH. It would seem that there are not many iPhone users among the OH devs. Check the open issues. If there isn’t one already then open one. Hopefully someone will fix it soon.