Using cell phones

I’m new to open hab. I’m wondering if I can use old android cell phones as my cams? How would I set it up? I will be using pine 64 with openhab as my hub.

You need to find an app that turns your old phone into a webcam and then ask here how to integrate it…

Thanks Tommy! I had no idea , I figured something like that would be built
in open hab. Lots of people have old mobiles with good sensors and cams
laying around.

I’ve tried wardencam and manythings … Manythings has ifttt support and
I’m sure WardenCam could , the author said he was looking at it.

So if using one of those apps could I integrate it with openhab ??

Took a quick look at both of those and I’m not sure if some integration would be possible. I suppose the main question is what do you want to do with the cameras and how are you thinking they should integrate with OpenHAB?