Using Fibaro The Heat with OH and NodeRed

Hello everyone,
I am a beginner and trying to migrate from a Fibaro HC2 system to a
Rapsberrypi 4 with oh2 that has a conbee2 attached via usb and a zway module on the pins of the Raspberry.

My Plan is to use mostly Zigbee from now on over deconz. While my legacy z-wave hardware is controlled using the Zwave plugin (not the zway plugin)

While most zwave things I have gotten to work (primary pitfall was setting the controller in the Lifeline setting of every node).
I am stumbling over using my Fibaro The Heat Radiator thermostat (Firmware Version 4.7 com.fibaro.FGT001) .

These are just not working as expected. I have 2 Setpoints which is confusing to me.
Also while I can controll all other devices over NodeRED (all programming of scenes and alike I do over that) changing the Setpoint seems not to work here.

My Problem is now: As I am a beginner, I don’t even know where to start debugging. What can I do to find out what I am doing wrong?

Is someone here who has experince with TheHeat device and knows somne pitfalls?

Both the Zigbee binding and the Z-Wave binding are maintained by the same dedicated developer.

The binding now figures that out automatically and the database requires a Lifeline group to be set.

What version of openHAB? The current database information should be in version 2.5.2 or later.

If the Thing was added before that version, you need to delete the Thing (NOT exclude from the network) and rediscover / reinclude it to get the latest settings. It will gave the same ThingID so your Items do not break.

It is also possible new features were added with newer firmware and a new database entry needs to be created.

Are you needing to debug Z-Wave or Node Red? Z-Wave debug logs are discussed in the official documentation but be warned only unfiltered logs are useful.

I have actually not installed the zigbee plugin. Should I have preferred that over the deCONZ plugin?

I am using now 2.5.8 This might have been it, maybe I added it before the update. Removing the Thing/deleting the items and adding it again seems to have done the trick. It seems to be working now.

I really meant why the thermostat is not reacting to a changed setpoint.
Also why commands sent by nodeRED to change the setpoint simply did not work and only ended up in NaN Values That would have been the next thing to fix. But this is solved now too.

Now the room temperature seems to be going up. So It looks like it is working.
I am waiting a bit to verify.

Thank you very much.

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@chris could best answer that. I do know some brands of devices are non-standard Zigbee which can be problematic.

You are very welcome. One feature I like with then new database site is it tells you what OH version a device was first added and what version has the latest update.

Which database is that? Where can I find it?

For that device,

You only see the versions when searching for the device & hovering over it.

If you ever need to turn on debug logging, there is a log viewer that can help you interpret the log.

The Zigbee log viewer is here.

Sorry Bruce - I’m not sure what you mean? There are no versions it seems?

[edit: sorry - I’m jumping between conversations :sunglasses:]

I meant the OH version bubbles (first approval, last approval) I marked in my image above.

EDIT: Perhaps add to the References tab too?