Using habpanel instead of switches in house


I have implementet habpanel instead of lightswitches and much more in my house. I used the app in openhab on android tab for this before but habpanel looks much better.

My struggels and why i still use the openhab app now is because of:
-It does not update my widgets, and the update button does not work, i need to manualle refresh the browser
-When pad goes to sleep, fullscreen is going of and i need to push fullscreen again

Have anyone seen the same issues and did you solve it? I was trying some other broweser but because i also use webcam stream not all browsers was supporting this. I also would like to have an app that was saying the screen should be on from 07.00 to 23.00 or something, but i cant find it.

If anyone has any tips i would really appreciated it.

What browser do you use? Try a kiosk browser app.

I use an app from Google PlayStore - Keep Sceen On switches the tablet into full wake mode. Autostart it with Autostart and Stay.
Tried couple that do have time schedule to minimize brightnes in night but they did not work well.

As for the refresh, when you switch kiosk mode in the Habpanel you loose refresh button anyway so that is not the issue in my, when I make a change I just launch the comand from my OH2 RPI to reboot all panels around the house by cutting POE power off and on.

A lot of those features (maybe not all) are supported with this kiosk app:

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Hi. I use also Fully Kiosk Browser Lockdown and I’m pretty happy with it.

BTW: What kind of divices do you use? Any on-/inwall touch panels?

An old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, mounted in front of the wall with a flush mount power supply.

Ok, will try that app today.
I use some different pad, some old samsung that i just had laying around, but also some wall mounted that i bought from a BMS company.