Using HmIP-eTRV radiators with different actual temperature of xiajomi multi-sensor

im Using the piVCCU3 with some HmIP radiators for controling my heating. The Problem i got, the radiators gut a higher temperature than the room itself and the “Offset”-function of the CCU doe not work pretty good.
So my thought were to connetc the radiators with an “external” actual Temperature by an Xiajomi Multisensor. Additional the Window states by an Open/Close sensor should be used.

I found this great Example here Heating Boilerplate - A Universal Temperature Control Solution with Modes, wich will be tha base for my setup.

Unfortunately the problem with the actual temperature is still there.

Is it possible to set the item “Actual_Temperature” to the value of the xiajomi sensor?
Just wondering if this is just a receiving path and the actuator will rewrite with its own actual temperature all the time.

Worst case would be, to take over the complete control from CCU to OH and setting the Actuators Level according to the target and actual temperature.
Hope you guys got a better idea! (except buying HmIP termostats and connecting them to the actuator)


cheers Hannes