Using Homie with to a website data base

hello there , anyone knows how can i make homie address or transmit data to website database , i used homie before with openhab in many applications , but now i need it to work with a different interface rather than open hab , so can somebody help me with something like telling me how are the frames sent from homie and what exactly is the frame shape ?

If you are taking about Homie the MQTT standard, then I don’t think this wisdom makes much sense. It’s all MQTT and all Homie defines is what topics and how messages are published. So your external interface will need to speak MQTT.

If not that Homie we will need more information.

Yes it’s Homie MQTT convention , i will tell you my task in a more precise way , Currently i am working on a power meter project firstly i used homie with openhab to view data from my metering components , now my task is to make homie deliver this data to my company website database instead of openhab in order to make a chart of all the metering data so i was asking how can i do that ?.. I mean transfering data to the website and not openhab

You get your company website to subscribe to your MQTT broker, listen for Homie configuration info, and interpret that to subscribe in turn to your Homie device data.

You don’t make any changes to your meter, which continues topublish to an MQTT broker as before. It doesn’t know or care who is receiving its data.

To elaborate a little bit, you need to write a program that subscribes to the same MQTT topics that openHAB does using an MQTT library and have that orgasm write to you database.

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